World Duty Free Group develops energy assessment model for concessions based retail organizations

In November of this year, the World Duty Free Group (WDFG), a retail group that travelers can find scattered throughout airports around the world, including Canada’s very own Vancouver city, was presented with the Champion of Champions award and the Retail Green Champion award at the Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice.

The group was presented with the awards after developing an energy assessment model for concessions based retail organizations – businesses that operate under a contract or license and are operated from fixed international areas that are outfitted by the operating concession company. The energy assessment model, which was developed by the construction team at the WDFG in the UK, assesses energy consumption from design to post-occupancy and store operation, enabling the group to create an environmentally friendly work-place without compromising the in-store experience.

Energy-efficiency leads to energy savings

The case study used for the awards was the group’s walk-through tax and duty free store in the Birmingham Airport. Upon implementing the assessment model, the store became 54% more efficient, a change that will result in £27,000 energy cost savings per year. This model has since been used in store development at Eurotunnel and Gatwick Airport. While no plans have been announced to implement similar changes in Vancouver, travelers passing through should keep an eye out for energy-efficient upgrades in years to come.

For concessions based businesses, working closely with operating companies demands a partnership based on shared goals. In support of the ongoing efforts by the WDFG to be more energy-efficient, Head of Market Development at Birmingham Airport, Richard Gill, was quoted as saying: “World Duty Free Group has unrivalled expertise in travel retail and we had confidence in their ability to deliver this more sustainable model of operation. For us, this project represented a positive move towards reduction in overall energy consumption and a clear contribution to our Carbon Reduction Commitments”.

About the Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice

The Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice, launched in 1994 by the Green Organisation, is part of a campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practices around the world.

Who can enter?  Individuals, companies, councils or international corporations trying to make a positive impact on the environment or improve sustainability within their business or community.

Why should your business consider applying for the award? According to the Green Organisation website: 95% of past winners found their employees are proud of the company’s success; 93% of past winners received coverage on TV, radio or newspapers; 73% of past winners said they had won business as a result; 42% believed the value of their business had increased; and 11% received grants/loans on the strength of their success.

Interested in applying? Application submissions are due yearly by June 30th, so there’s lots of time. Visit the Green Organisation website for more details!

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image credit: thomas neubert photography