Taking energy and water efficiency seriously, W Singapore opened its doors in 2012 and is the first hotel to win the Green Mark Platinum award.

The City Developments project is being recognized for its clever energy and water efficiency designs, according to Eco-Business.com.

The goods on their energy efficiency

W Singapore in Sentosa Cove impressed folks at this year’s International Green Building Conference with all of its sustainable efforts.  The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) handed out their very first Green Mark Platinum award to this sustainable hotel three years ago because of their energy and water efficiency designs before they were even opened for guests.

Being the first to be recognized, W Singapore sets a bar for high-rated green buildings.  The City Developments Limited project continues to prove their commitment to sustainability and aims to achieve, at a minimum, the BCA’s Green Mark Gold rating for all of their developments.

The W Singapore opted for these energy efficient elements in their design:

  •        Natural ventilation
  •        Daylighting and a solar photovoltaics system (they have 370 square metres of photovoltaic panels on both the roof of hotel and the adjoining mall)
  •        High efficiency chiller system
  •        Rainwater collection system for irrigation and landscape purposes
  •        Rooftop greenery
  •        They maximized their use of LED lighting for both their common areas and the rooms (There’s an estimate of energy bill savings of 39 per cent because of the choice of lighting)
  •        The rooms are programmed to conserve energy (example: if a door is left open for longer than 30 seconds, the air-conditioning shuts off automatically)
  •        They offer reward points to guests who reuse their linens and towels to encourage water efficiency
  •        There’s a flat-screen television in rooms that offer a program about the hotel’s green features

It’s clear that The City Developments understand their social responsibility and take sustainability seriously.  The company itself has earned listings for some of the world’s top sustainability benchmarks such as FTSE4 Good Index Series, the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, according to The Motley Fool.

It’s still a luxury hotel

While the W Singapore is clearly committed to their green initiatives, they have not sacrificed the comfort of their guests. With a four star rating, the hotel has won multiple awards including Condenast Traveler: The Best New Hotels of 2013.

It’s modern, it’s green and it’s awesome. The accommodations are luxurious and energy efficient — a dream hotel if you find yourself booking a stay in Singapore.



Image credit: wsingaporesentosacove.com