Recognized as one of the Best Global Green Brands in the US retail industry in 2013, Toyota is a car company that’s not only driving their vehicles towards a greener future — but it’s paving the road for it.

With a sustainability vision they’ve set and follow through on, their respect for the planet, concern about communities and overall business practice — Toyota is deserving of their success.

The sustainability vision

In efforts to explain their sustainability vision, Toyota opted for a graphic of a tree to show folks their global vision. With shared values since the beginning as the roots, the trunk highlights these efforts while the fruit of this tree represents their contribution to communities by making their cars better as they enrich the lives of the community.

Taking energy efficiency on the road

Back in 1997, Toyota came out with the Prius — a full hybrid-electric car (formerly a compact sedan and now a mid-sized hatchback). Even still, the EPA and California Air Resources Board rate the Prius high as one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the US.

“Only 20 percent of the energy (fossil fuel) put into an automobile is used effectively,” says Inside the Mind of Toyota: Management Principles for Enduring Growth, “80 percent of it is released into the air as carbon dioxide and heat energy. Hybrid vehicles raise energy efficiency to 30 percent and proportionately lower the release into the air of carbon dioxide and heat.”

As of August 2013, global sales of the Prius hatchback conquered the 500,000 mark. The highest sales worldwide of these Toyota gems are made in Japan, the US, Europe and Canada. This would suggest that consumers in these places are also valuing energy efficiency and sustainability as they chose to invest in the Prius family.

Looks like the communities are certainly enjoying the fruits of Toyota, eh?

The company’s green initiatives

The cornerstones of Toyota Canada’s efforts is based on the 3Rs: reduce, recycle and reuse. They’ve set guidelines they call ISO 14001 — and not only do they set environmental goals, they achieve them.

Here are some highlights:

  • A compost program that has managed to divert 80-90 per cent of their waste from the landfill
  • They replaced the windows at their Toronto Parts Distribution Centre with energy-efficient windows, effectively insulating and resulting in a more energy-efficient building (aiding with their heating and cooling situation)
  • Setting up in-house cardboard recycling programs in most of their dealerships
  • Partnering with a leading recycling company (from head office to distribution centres)
  • Three of their Canadian dealerships have achieved LEED certification of the Gold standard variety  

Toyota is a company that is producing more energy-efficient cars, following through with their sustainability initiatives and taking responsibility for their impact on the planet. We think they’re looking especially fetching in their shade of green.

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Image credit: Crystal Clean Auto Detailing