What do you get when you match NRG Energy, Inc. and ThinkEco for a technology relationship? An energy-saving dream come true for businesses looking for that powerful new tool that both monitors and manages electricity use.

This makes Reliant the first retail electric provider to come up with an energy efficient solution of this type — catering to large commercial customers or those who peak over 1 megawatt, according to Business Wire.

Tell me more about this brilliant energy-saving technology
It’s called The Smart Outlet, and according to the press release, it’s a cloud-based, energy-efficient solution that can track real-time data from plugged-in equipment as it monitors and manages — transferring all the information wirelessly to your Internet-connected computer. This will also work for tablets and iPads.

This handy new technology can help businesses control their use of energy and, with each device, can actually help save them up to 30 per cent of that energy.

Not only can you monitor the energy being used through the outlet — the Smart Outlet actually offers the function of scheduling them. This mean that businesses can schedule to shut off outlets and not allow energy to be consumed when appliances are on standby. Could this be the end of vampire power?

How does this work?
Step one: plug it in to any standard electrical outlet. Then the magic starts — the Smart Outlet, once plugged in, becomes this technology platform scalable to commercial environments of any size.

Managers (or whoever has access to the cloud-based solution) are now given the control of watching the plugged-in office appliances feed off electricity. Apparently, office appliances and equipment can actually make up for more than 25 per cent of electricity consumption — but now, you can see exactly how much you’re using and control it.

What this means for businesses
“The Smart Outlet initiative with ThinkEco gives business customers more control to lower their usage and a better understanding of their larger energy footprint,” Elizabeth Killinger, Retail Regional President, NRG, said in the press release.

NRG is a company that’s all about making smarter energy choices for their customers — it’s currently on its way to becoming one of the larger developers of solar power.  Otherwise, they’re coming up with smart energy solutions for their customers — the Smart Outlet modlet being the latest.

“The Smart Outlet reflects our commitment to exploring creative energy solutions to help companies reach sustainability goals and manage costs,” Killinger said.

With this clever new tool, you will be able to watch your energy use through periods of your choice. Whether you’re monitoring daily or monthly energy use, this will make it easier to create a new energy efficient pattern that results in sweet savings.


Image credit: spencetrim