Canada’s largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building currently stands tall in the financial district of Toronto as it sets an excellent energy-efficient standard for Canadian green buildings.

The Bay Adelaide Centre is an office complex in progress being built by Brookfield Properties — “Bay Adelaide West” was completed in the first phase and has been erected downtown Toronto as a 51-storey skyscraper since 2009. The second phase, “Bay Adelaide East” is currently in construction. The 44-storey building is aiming for completion by 2015 or early 2016.

Though Bay Adelaide West may gain attention for its massive size, it’s the building’s sustainable design that maximizes energy and water efficiency that’s really earned our applause.

Earning LEED Gold Status for the building’s environmental sustainability

With sustainability weaved into the design and construction process, Bay Adelaide West proudly achieved the LEED Gold Status. Making energy and water efficiency a priority, ensuring high indoor air quality, using responsible materials and resources and being innovative with their design is what earned the building the high sustainability rating. To check out their LEED scorecard, click here.

“In achieving a LEED Gold standard, the entire Bay Adelaide Centre complex will produce an estimated 40% energy savings relative to other buildings built to the Canadian Model National Energy Code, and will feature state-of-the-art operating and life safety systems,” reported CNW.

These are some of the highlights that earned them such a green status:

  • This glass tower maximizes daylighting and even has an energy-efficient curtain wall system (reduces heat loss through windows)
  • Rainwater collection system set up (used for landscape irrigations, toilets and urinals on the first few floors)
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Bay Adelaide West uses 44% less indoor water than conventional buildings
  • Waste diversion rate is at 78%
  • Clever energy-efficient elevators
  • HVAC automation systems that contributes to energy conservation (high-efficiency chillers, variable speed drives and adjustable pump speeds)
  • Lighting occupancy sensors
  • Low emitting materials
  • Annually reports emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project

For more information, Brookfield Properties provides a sustainability page and sweet PDF filled with green facts.

The Bay Adelaide Centre has been in the works for a long time

Before Brookfields Properties took over the project, Markborough Properties and TrizecHahn had plans for the Bay and Adelaide spot. The original vision was to have a 57-storey office tower built — but there was some controversy, the economy went into recession — and the plan that started construction back in 1990 was put on the back burner for years.

Eventually, TrizecHahn sold its share of the project to Brookfield Properties in 2001 — but construction still held off for a few more years. In 2006, real work for the Bay Adelaide Centre started to get done and by 2009 Bay Adelaide West stood completed.

According to Urban Toronto, Bay Adelaide East is being designed to achieve LEED-CS Platinum, the highest designation in the internationally-recognized rating program — even more efficient and sustainable than the Bay Adelaide West Gold building.

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Image credit: cfives5