Sometimes we write about businesses that use green products. Sometimes we write about businesses that make green products. This time, we’re writing about one particular business that sells green products; and only green products. Introducing, Terra20, a brand new eco-department store that recently celebrated its grand opening at Parkside Shopping Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Unlike other specialty retailers who focus on health foods, household products or ethically made clothing, Terra20 has everything; as long as it’s green

What’s in a name?

In an interview conducted by CFRA, Steve Kaminski (co-founder of Terra20) reveals that Terra20 was a response to how difficult he found buying simple things like biodegradable soaps for the cottage and how it is the hope of the Terra20 co-founders that in the year 20-something, we (the world) will achieve sustainability; hence the name, Terra20. The goal of Terra20 is to be a one-stop shop for all eco-friendly products; from Belly Buttons and Babies Pregnancy Lotion to Chic Puppy Pet Grooming Supplies, the products you’ll find at Terra20 are anything but ordinary; but that’s kind of the point.

Striving to make sustainable the new norm

According to the store’s manifesto, Terra20 strives believes that in order to “create a brighter future, environmentally friendly products should be standard, not the exception. And, certainly never assigned to a singular niche shelf.” According to Kaminski, Terra20 will feature “14 categories of items that are healthier and more sustainable in terms of their profile,” including “household items, cosmetics, personal care, and toys”. Each item is marked with an ethical label that shows customers the meaning of the choices they make and reflect the company’s ethics, from water and energy conservation to products that are made in Canada, or free of harmful chemicals.

Committed to the cause

In an effort to walk the walk so to speak, Terra20 has built its flagship store to fully reflect the company’s values and mission, using creative materials like Plyboo’s Edge Grain bamboo Plywood and Millwork constructed from Savaged Logs. The store also offers an “eco-bar” where customers can purchase eco-friendly cleaners served up in a refillable container that can be brought back and refilled for rebates ($.75) that can be put towards the next cleaner purchase or used for credit in-store.

Are you a retailer interested in having your product sold at Terra20, or a customer who knows a product that should be featured in-store? Visit Terra20 online and let them know!

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image credit: loop_oh