In 2011, Obama launched what’s known as the Better Buildings Challenge, calling on members of various industries to improve energy-efficiency, reduce waste and save on energy costs. In signing up to the challenge, universities, municipalities, retailers, hotels, and other businesses committed to “greening” America; one year later, here’s a look at how Wyndham Worldwide, one of the world’s largest hotel groups, is tackling energy efficiency in the hospitality industry.

Rising to the challenge

According to Hospitality Net, since rising to the Better Buildings Challenge, Wyndham Worldwide has achieved an 8% reduction in energy use and has managed to reduce its global footprint by 11.7% (based on carbon emissions per square foot). A driving force behind such rapid gains in efficiency is credited to placing the Wyndham Green Program among the company’s top five strategic priorities over the past five years, says Hotel Online. Looking forward to more energy-savings in years to come, the group plans to further reduce emissions 16% by 2017, and 20% by 2020.

Tracking results, key to success, says VP of Sustainability and Innovation

A press release circulated by Wyndham Worldwide reports that achieving an 8% reduction in energy use involved taking a number of crucial energy-saving steps, one of which was the development of the Wyndham Green Toolbox, an eco-software program that tracks and measures environmental impact.

Faith Tayor, Vice President of Sustainability and Innovation at Wyndham Worldwide, suggests that accurately tracking and measuring results is nearly as important as the initial decision-making process: “Wyndham Worldwide is the only global hospitality company with corporate offices, hotels, resorts, rentals, and timeshare properties in its portfolio. So, we have focused a lot of our recent efforts developing a custom eco-software tool to accurately evaluate our efforts against a wide range of businesses around the world.”

In pursuit of LEED certification and Green Key certification across the board, the hotel group has also implemented a number of changes throughout its properties including; energy efficient lighting, re-linen programs, green saving checklists, and LEED certification at Wyndham HQ. Other energy-saving initiatives include an environmental certification program tracking 27 requirements in energy use, water use, waste reduction, indoor air quality and education, and the implementation of sustainable best practices throughout Wyndham properties.

Save energy at your hotel

For further information about Wyndham Worldwide and their “green” initiatives, read the company’s 2011 Sustainability Report and 2012 Carbon Disclosure Project Report.

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image credit: MomOf4Sons