BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) has given out their highest level of accreditation and the first building to receive this honour is the Venco Campus.

The new headquarters for the poultry industry giant, Venco Campus is located in the North Brabant town of Eersel and is making headlines for being the greenest, energy efficient industrial building in Europe, according to Sourceable.

Receiving the first BREEAM-NL Outstanding certificate during the Dutch Green Building Week, the Venco Campus is now recognized as the most sustainable and energy-saving building in all of Europe.

The goods on the Venco Campus

Known for their sustainable developments in the poultry industry, the Venomatic Group is an innovative company that takes pride in their energy efficiency.

This super sustainable building has been designed in an oval-shape and, from a bird’s eye view — looks like an egg.  Cute, eh? This green building works as a workshop, an office, a presentation area or ‘show room’ and a place for meetings — with features like an auditorium that seats 110 people. The Venco Campus serves to accommodate those into international research for the poultry industry.

Wherever possible, they’ve used energy neutral construction and are using LED lighting in the building. With no connection to natural gas, the energy for this building comes from either the solar panels on the roof or the soil in the ground.

“Energy neutral construction was paramount, whereby aspects related to energy-savings as well as energy production were taken into account,” reports ThePoultrySite, “The current use indicates the success of the approach.”

See, the proud owner, Cor van de Ven, made sure this facility represented, portrayed and enhanced the sustainable character of the company. This is why they have met one of the world’s most recognized green building criteria getting it as sustainable as possible — employing the BREEAM methodology. 

More about BREEAM

Setting the best sustainable standard for building design, construction and operation, BREEAM’s high criteria has been recognized by the world for its environmental assessment method and impressive rating system.

Since it’s launch in 1990, BREEAM has had over a million registrations ready to be assessed as buildings aim to achieve the very best shade of green they can.

“A BREEAM assessment uses recognized measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a building’s specification, design, construction and use,” BREEAM writes on their official site, “The measures used represent a broad range of categories and criteria from energy to ecology.”

They are concerned with aspects like energy and water use, transport, materials, waste and management processes. For more information on BREEAM, check this out.

BizEnergy congratulates the Venco Campus on their green achievement!


Image credit: ThePoultrySite