Green Globe Member since the first year of opening their doors three years ago, the Movenpick Hotel Deira is making headlines for making sustainability and energy efficiency part of their daily.

Monitoring their energy consumption and contributing to a better future, Hotel Deira is doing their part in efforts to promote sustainable tourism.

“Gone are the days when corporate responsibility was just an option. At Movenpick Hotel Deira, we make this part of our daily business,” said Anke Glaessing, General Manager at Hotel Deira, according to Global Travel Industry News, “We are very proud to have earned Green Globe certification for the third consecutive year, and our achievement reinforces our corporate commitment to secure region-wide certification of all our Middle East properties.”

When it comes to water conservation, energy efficiency and sustainability — Hotel Deira is a star in the green accommodations scene still shining bright.

What does sustainability mean to them?

Getting certified by Green Globe means reaching 90 per cent of the criteria each year it’s given. Being awarded this title says that the employees, partners and management are showing their commitment to ensure ongoing responsible practices towards sustaining the environment.

For three years now and with continuing long-term intentions, Hotel Deira tracks energy consumption daily, is concerned about their carbon footprint and encourages guests to be as well.

“In addition to the usual areas of energy saving, grey water recycling and landfill reduction, the property implemented a pro-active purchasing policy that favors environmentally-friendly products, where available, and external stakeholder communications strategy designed to drive awareness among local partners,” reports Global Travel.

The special Green Committee gives out their certification when they believe a hotel is taking the right measures for eco-friendly progress, shaping and realizing the hotel’s environmental goals, according to Travel Daily.

Hotel Deira is gaining much recognition for focusing on sustainable tourism and following through on their green initiatives.

More about the Green Globe Certification

With international standards and agreements, the Green Globe Standard is certainly a great accommodations achievement. According to their official site, the standard criteria covers sustainable management, social economic, cultural heritage and environmental and can apply to a variety of industry sectors from restaurants and accommodations to attractions and spas.

“The Green Globe Standard is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses and their supply chain partners. Businesses can monitor improvements and document achievements leading to certification of their enterprises’ sustainable operation and management,” according to Green Globe’s official site.

Movenpick Hotel Deira was audited by Farnek Avireal, lead sustainable consultancy in the MENA region.

Getting serious about sustainable tourism

For more about the Movenpick Hotels & Resorts family, check out their site.

It seems there’s a bright green future for the Hotel Deira and all its guests.

Of course, for energy efficient businesses, we have incentives.


Image credit: Movenpick Hotels