Canadian athletic apparel, values-based company lululemon athletica is about lifestyle, sustainability and community. Their success is measured not only on their sales but also on their energy efficiency, waste management and ability to follow through with their environmental initiatives.

Between providing smart clothing options for fitness lovers, lululemon embraces the environment and shines bright in the retail world for their sustainability vision.

Highlighting their efforts

Not only do they stand by their green initiatives, lululemon is being recognized for their energy efficiency.

Back in 2005, the company took charge when it came to their environmental, social and economic impact — they started the ‘Community Legacies’ program. Their vision targeted some big business goals: community, people, health, sourcing and manufacturing, green buildings (and spaces), eco-efficiency and waste reduction — and reports on their progress, according to Metro Vancouver.

The best part? They’ve followed through.

When it came to waste management, the folks over at their Store Support Centre (SSC) found ways to reduce waste, figured out how to make use of scrap material and save money. Implementing this in both their SSC and retail stores, they have stepped up their sustainability game.

Some of the highlights of their waste management practices:

  • The excess material from shipping and packaging is recycled — and the shipping containers that go back and forth from the distribution centre are recyclable.
  • Instead of larger garbage bins, each staff member is given a mini-bin so as to encourage the employees to be mindful of what they’re chucking out.
  • Getting their buildings green, the floors of 11 stores have been created with reclaimed wood.
  • They created a system that can track the amount of waste and recycling — making it easier to improve waste performance.

The retail locations make excellent use of daylighting and when forced to use artificial lighting — they opted for the energy efficient kind. In terms of appliances, they use Energy Star approved ones and measure their energy use — and continue to find ways to save on it.

Within their communities, lululemon aims to educate, inspire and challenge folks to become leaders in sustainability.

But lululemon really is inspiring

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s design school is inspired by lululemon’s founder. The new Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design is taking on a loft-life concept for space, they’ll be maximizing their daylighting and energy efficiency, reports

See, founder of lululemon, Chip Wilson, donated a sweet $12-million for this project. The school will even offer a diploma in technical apparel.

In efforts to level up in environmental sustainability, the school has plans to include ‘passive’ energy systems — upping the comfort levels of individuals while reducing overall energy consumption.

The yoga apparel giant really is contributing to the community and doing their part as leaders in sustainability and energy efficiency.


Image credit: Maryland Route 5