Loblaws has been named as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for four consecutive years, strategized their sustainability and maximized their energy efficiency. This Super Store is looking great in green.

Committed to their development of industry leading environmental and sustainability initiatives, this giant company is keeping the crown as Canada’s largest grocery retailer as well as the most sustainable.

“For several years now Loblaws companies has been increasingly investing and testing new ways to bring sustainability to its operations,” reports Canadian Grocer.

While folks are familiar with their efforts of reducing plastic bags — less attention has been focused on their use of solar panels, waste reduction and energy saving efforts.

But every year, they’re making lists.

Highlighting their efforts in energy efficiency

When giving out their award for Canada’s Greenest Employers (again!) the committee at Mediacorp Canada considered many of Loblaws’ excellent environmental accomplishments.

Here are some key points of note:

Reduced energy consumption

Four solar panel projects in the company’s commercial operation are currently running while 12 more projects are on the go to max out their renewable energy source.

“These solar panels produce 433 kilowatts of electricity, enough to power 50 homes for a year,” according to Canadian Grocer. Though they send the energy back into the municipal grid, they are returned a cheque that basically goes to finance the store’s power.

Back in 2012, Loblaws was recognized for completing lighting retrofits in 129 corporate stores as well as six distribution centres across Canada to high-efficiency technology.

Waste reduction

Loblaws distribution centres were able to to divert 81 per cent of its waste from landfills last year while they also saving 76 per cent with the same fate in their stores.

This company was also responsible for introducing the first and only national recycling program for gardeners — creating a destiny for people’s old plastic pots and flats. Loblaws managed to divert 5.2 million pounds of plastic, turning old plastic and turning it into new goods for the next season!

Reducing their carbon footprint

With a fleet tracking system set up back in 2012 in all their corporate trucks, the company was able to track their use and maximize efficiency by reducing driver idle and empty trailers from the road. Out of 195 trucks altogether, 57 are new and much more efficient.

Also worth pointing out

They are transitioning to more energy-efficient lighting and constantly working to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability. Their President’s Choice green product line is delicious. They also received much praise for their efforts to protect the ocean by providing seafood from sustainable sources.

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Image credit: Otherstream