Found this great success story on our partner LEAF’s site:

When Naan met Taco, it was a spicy affair from which The Naaco Truck was born.

Sure to become a Calgary favourite in the food truck scene, The Naaco Truck introduced its neo-retro Indian cuisine at its inaugural Love Party June 9th at Kingsland Farmers Market. More than just tasty food and great service, The Naaco Truck also became the first LEAF-certified food truck in Canada for its efforts to integrate sustainability at every turn.

“We’re proud to offer up the best in curbside eats without compromising social responsibility,” says Aman Adatia, chief Naaco Maker and co-founder. “Becoming LEAF-certified was one of our first priorities; it’s a natural progression of our business plan to operate as sustainably as possible.”

The Naaco Truck underwent an extensive audit to ensure its operations upheld the most stringent of environmentally friendly standards, including going paperless, forgoing bottled water and even building a garden on the truck’s roof. LED lights illuminate the space while Bollywood music plays as guests are presented with an electronic menu of contemporary Indian and East African cuisine to choose from, prepared with ingredients sourced from local growers and producers.

“LEAF is proud to certify Canada’s first food truck here in Calgary,” says Janine Windsor, president of LEAF. “As the food truck trend continues to grow in Calgary, it’s great that diners can make responsible food choices on the go that benefit the local economy and environment simultaneously.”

For every Naaco purchased, a portion goes towards the Naaco Cuts Carbon program that sees a tree planted for every 1000 Naacos sold. At year-end, the company will double the total amount of trees donated. What’s more, the Naaco Truck will also give customers a chance to donate a dollar to a deserving non-profit organization on a monthly basis that mirrors its own philosophy – everything from environmental causes to giving kids a healthy meal at school.

Adatia studied at the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris before returning to Calgary to share his culinary skills, and those of co-founder Stephanie Shields, with the rest of us.

Follow the Naaco Truck on Twitter at @thenaacotruck, or find them on Facebook.

Image credit: LEAF