Tourism just got greener — Hotel Verde in Cape Town just opened its doors and is making headlines as Africa’s greenest hotel.  Located only 400 metres away from Cape Town International Airport, the Hotel Verde has taken sustainable building practices to a new level in South Africa.

With Cape Town recently being named as the World Design Capital 2014 — the new hotel is standing strong as the first of its kind in Africa to live by 100 per cent green-living principals as it supports the city’s green initiative. According to eNCA, the province aims to leave the lowest carbon footprint.

What makes it so green?

Given LEEDs Gold status, the Hotel Verde is very serious about their environmental and sustainable initiatives. Mario Delicio, co-owner of Hotel Verde, is working on making an iconic building for others in the hotel industry to follow, reports Green Times.

The new hotel is making its mark by being energy efficient and sustainable with its features:

  •      Solar panels above windows
  •      In efforts to reduce water consumption, they have opted the use of a grey water recycling plant
  •      Maximizing the use of daylighting, they avoid electricity use for indoor lighting in rooms
  •      They offer an electric shuttle for transportation
  •      A rainwater collection system is used for irrigation
  •      Three wind turbines generate renewable energy for the hotel
  •      For maximum efficiency and reducing operation costs, Hotel Verde is using geothermal heat pumps for the winter. In the summer, the reverse operation works to cool the building.
  •      Energy-generating gym equipment

Cobaix void formers, otherwise known as recycled propylene spheres, were used for the floors of Africa’s greenest hotel.  Throughout the entire building, Hotel Verde uses energy efficient LED lighting and even has an energy-saving mini bar fridge — all appliances and office equipment are Energy Star rated.

This hotel is setting a new standard for accommodations in the green scene.

How does it rank?

While the Hotel Verde has been given three-stars, the experience is completely unique. The fact is it’s a world-class building that’s been thoughtfully built as it operates in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

This is responsible tourism at its finest — with a beautiful destination; this hotel offers guests the ability to feel like they’re contributing to the greater good. When using the gym facilities, guests can actually generate energy with the equipment.

Now, that’s kind of awesome.

Hotel Verde caters to niche markets — counting on bookings from international corporate types and conferences to airport delays; as it is located in such close proximity to it.

It’s innovative, inspiring and admirable

Now the greenest hotel in Africa, Hotel Verde is proving that a sustainable business practice, optimizing energy efficiency, has a great place in the wonderful world of accommodations. Since the opening last month, it’s been getting pretty sweet reviews.

Cape Town is starting to sound like a pretty interesting travel destination, eh?


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