This short article detailing a Durham, New Hampshire restaurant’s energy efficiency upgrades caught our attention this week as a great illustration of what restaurants can do to help reduce both their energy consumption and costs.

Young’s Restaurant (formerly Grant’s) has been a fixture on Main Street in Durham for 89 years, and has been run by the same family for 43 years, but the approach to energy efficiency is anything but old fashioned.

The restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and coffee, recently introduced the following measures:

  • Switching from propane to cleaner-burning, more efficient natural gas
  • Installing computer-controlled, on-demand kitchen ventilation fans
  • Replacing old, inefficient compressors
  • Changing interior lighting to LED bulbs
  • Converting a wall of windows to an insulated exterior wall
  • Improving the performance of the building envelope, including sealing air leaks and improving insulation in attic spaces
  • Adding motion-sensor light switches to washrooms
  • Purchasing wind-powered electricity

These measures go along with green improvements already in place, including heat recovery systems in the kitchen, compostable take-out containers and composting kitchen waste. (Take a look at Young’s website for more info.)

According to the Young’s owner, Kenny Young, the measures are expected to have a 4.5 year payback period, and the restaurant has already noticed a 20% reduction in electricity consumption in the two months that the newest upgrades have been in place.

See what’s possible?

Have you implemented any energy efficiency measures? Have you noticed a reduction in consumption or costs? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Image credit: Wise to Be Social