The largest mall in downtown Toronto is reaching for those green stars. With a long term goal of achieving net-zero emissions from buildings, Toronto Eaton Centre hosts more than 230 retailers and food service businesses as it follows through on green strategies set for a sustainable future in the downtown core.

Owned and managed by Cadillac Fairview, Toronto Eaton Centre is located in the heart of the city attracting approximately 50 million visitors annually — since its opening in 1977, it’s become a historical landmark.

The building stretches for two city blocks and what piques BizEnergy’s interest is the Green Vision Statement to operate under the principles of Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation and Efficiency.

The Urban Eatery put the best sustainable practices in place

With the $120 million revitalization of the Toronto Eaton Centre, a sustainable design for the 980-seat food court was a priority during the planning and executing of the mall’s facelift.  For high efficiency, the designers opted for M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Control Ventilation and Capture Ray UV system — which, forces combined, presented energy savings and hoods providing the foodservice businesses an efficient way to break down grease as well as keeping residual grease out of the ductwork.

Ecology Units were also used for the food court — EcoloAir aids in meeting environmental demands as it controls odor and smoke in commercial kitchens. These units include variable speed drives.

Inside the Urban Eatery, they encourage customers to participate in thoughtful waste management promoting recycling and offer reusable plates, cups and cutlery that can be washed instead of thrown away.

After all, the Urban Eatery is apart of Cadillac Fairview’s GREEN AT WORK program.

A look into the current GREEN AT WORK program

While meeting industry standards, Cadillac Fairview has developed a green sustainability strategy they call GREEN AT WORK that is measured by operation and performance.  This program is held up by their Five Pillars: Energy, Waste Management, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Procurement and Communication.

“A key focus is on energy conservation and efficiency and the incorporation of renewable energy sources, with a long term goal of achieving net-zero emissions from buildings,” says Cadillac Fairview in their GREEN AT WORK overview.

Through their HVAC system, energy management, hot water, building envelope, lighting and maintenance programs — this large mall maximizes energy efficiency and sets out to achieve the sustainability initiatives they’ve set.

The Toronto Eaton Centre initiated an occupancy sensor installation program that switched all base building lighting with occupancy sensors in the receiving area a few years ago. According to their results, lighting consumption was reduced by 12.5% after replacing old bulbs with energy-efficient 28W lamps.

Cadillac Fairview also aims for water efficiency and environmental protection while also carefully managing their waste through their ‘reduce, recycle and reuse’ practices — with an ultimate goal of generating zero waste.

Their GREEN AT WORK program also involves using environmentally friendly green products wherever possible — maintaining and reinforcing sustainable practices.

Folks will notice signs around the mall communicating these green practices, as communication is also a big pillar holding up their green program.

With Toronto Eaton Centre being such a large building, we appreciate the effort towards a sustainable future and the green initiatives they’ve set.

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Image credit: Maris