Earning several green hotel of the year awards, London’s Savoy hotel combines energy efficiency with luxury accommodation as it remains true to its core values taking environmental responsibility seriously.

Behind every green hotel is a green decision made by a person who values sustainability — for The Savoy Hotel, this person is Debra Patterson, who took home a “Green Champion of the Year” honour from the Considerate Hoterliers Association back in 2011.

Recently celebrated by Forbes for their green efforts, The Savoy Hotel has woven energy efficiency seamlessly in their building and operations.

A glance at The Savoy Hotel’s energy efficiency

Last year Savoy Hotel took home Hotel Catey’s ‘Green Hotel of the Year’ on top of recognition as just being an outstanding Five-Star luxury hotel in general — let’s just say earning awards is anything but foreign for this sweet accommodation.

Back in 2007, the Savoy Hotel shut down and got green while renovations took place before they opened their doors again in 2010. It was during that time that sustainability and energy efficiency was built into the new operations design.

Patterson explained some of the most energy-efficient features of the Savoy Hotel to Forbes:

Reclaiming heat in the kitchen

Also known as heat waste recovery, the rejected heat from the kitchen’s refrigerator is taken and used to pre-heat their domestic hot water. Instead of making the air-conditioner work harder, they’ve managed to implement this clever method of using wasted heat for a purpose — also benefitting the boilers and offering them longer lives. Apparently, the Savoy will be saving about £38,500 annually.

They have an InnCom system installed

This allows guest rooms to work to achieve the set thermostat and light up only when they’re occupied.

Metering management

Conscious of their energy consumption, metering allows the folks at the Savoy hotel to track their main electrical vault. Keeping an eye on 35 meters enables the team strategize ways to better their building’s energy performance.

Food Waste Recycling (they won the Best Foodwaste Strategy Award 2013)

Their sustainable method of managing food waste also helps significantly with reducing their carbon. Teamed up with ReFood UK, they have a recycle and reuse program set up in efforts to avoid destinies in the landfill. “For 2013, we generated 215 MegaWatt hours electricity, saving 197 tonnes CO2,” Patterson told Forbes, “It is estimated the equivalent energy generated provides sufficient power to light 20% of our guest rooms.” Their brilliant scheme actually includes operating SARIA’s oil management system — the Savoy operates this smart solution.

They run their own water bottle plant

This both lowers their carbon emissions because it eliminates a need for deliveries and helps boycott plastic water bottles because they fill and recycle their own glass bottles.

“As a responsible business we incorporate and value sustainability throughout our operations, focusing on social, economical and environmental aspects because we want to making a positive and lasting impact,” Patterson said.

It’s clear that the abundance of green awards the Savoy earns is well deserved. BizEnergy lives to celebrate businesses that step up as environmental leaders and the Savoy Hotel is definitely leading the way in sustainability in the accommodations scene!

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Image credit: Fairmont.com