Who would have thought that Michael Roberts, the former president and COO of McDonald’s–the model of all that is unhealthy–would wind up the co-founder and chief executive of a restaurant and grocer committed to healthy and sustainable, eating? As unbelievable as it may seem, believe it.

Introducing Lyfe Kitchen. Lyfe, an abbreviation for “Love Your Food Everyday”, is a restaurant with a mission to encourage Americans to better their eating habits; for their own good and that of the environment. Having launched recently in Palo, California and equipped with a product line made up of healthy meals for those on the go, Lyfe is becoming a shining example of the consumer trend towards products that are both scrumptious and sustainable.

Offering a unique menu that features mains like Roasted Lock Duart Salmon and Sweet Corn Ravioli, Lyfe strives to integrate sustainability into every aspect of their business. From sourcing products to site selection, the company takes great care to incorporate best practices into everything they do; and customers love it.

For an example of how Lyfe raises the bar when it comes to achieving all-round sustainability, one has only to look into the way in which it sources produce. Having committed to searching out local, organic products whenever possible, Lyfe insists on purchasing meats that are antibiotic and hormone free, and purchasing meats and chicken that are Global Animal Partnership approved.

The restaurant and grocer goes one step further to ensuring that suppliers also adhere to an elevated standard. According to the website, suppliers are evaluated based on their taste profile, nutritional value and carbon footprint with elements like “general attitude and happiness of employees” also playing a role in the evaluation. More specifically (and more relevant to BizEnergy readers), suppliers are evaluated based on how they prioritize:

• Energy conservation
• Renewable Energy
• Recycling (paper and water)
• Bio fuels
• Pollution prevention
• Renewable and sustainable packaging materials

While Lyfe serves as a great example for members of the foodservice industry looking for a way to combine fast food with freshness, the question remains: how long can this attempt to be 100% sustainable, be sustained? Hopefully for years to come, since the co-founders are planning to roll out hundreds of locations across the country in an effort to bring America into the next food evolution.

To give you a quick glance inside the set-up and corporate culture of Lyfe, here is a video from their official launch in California.

Read more about Lyfe, their values, sustainable efforts and policies here!

Would this concept be something welcomed by Canadian consumers? Do you know a restaurant making similar steps to being 100% sustainable? Share your stories with us using the comments section below.

image credit: David Cooper Photography