Leading a way to a sustainable future for years, retailer Home Depot not only sets green initiatives to follow through on — they also promote and sell products that benefit the environment.

Making lists like 10 Green Business Leaders from Canada’s Greenest Employers 2013, Home Depot is a hardware retailer that focuses on important practices like sustainability and energy efficiency. Considering the environment a core pillar of their business, constant effort is made to reduce the impact of their products and operations.

Highlighting their green strategies

With Green Teams (employee-led teams in most of their 180 Canadian stores) and the Home Depot LEED initiative, this big retailer company has a firm understanding of their impact on the environment. Their online presence, both in Canada and the US, provides information about energy efficiency and works as a resource on how to better achieve it.

With green initiatives centered on lumber, light bulbs and more, Home Depot received recognition last year for their commitment by installing solar panels on 63 of their rooftops in Ontario.  According to Miratel Solutions Inc., 40 installations were complete and soon, they’ll be generating even more clean, renewable energy.

How does Home Depot approach green business practice?

In a Backgrounder, Home Depot speaks of their green approach, which includes sourcing products to sell that are manufactured, packaged and labeled in an environmentally responsible fashion.

When it comes to waste management, their focus is on recycling and encouraging others to do the same. In select provinces, this retailer offers a batteries recycling program where they responsibly handle the disposal of them. For water and energy efficiency, Home Depot strategizes to reduce their consumption of these two valuable resources in their stores, distribution centers and their offices.

Employees of Home Depot are thoroughly trained to provide good green knowledge for customers and to encourage environmentally friendly acts through their consumerism.

They have a variety of Eco Options available on their shelves

With everything from ENERGY STAR approved appliances to 2,400 Eco Options products available on their shelves, Home Depot supplies communities with green products that promote energy efficiency and improved indoor and outdoor air quality.

They both sell and recycle compact fluorescent lights; and have been promoting the sales of energy-efficient LED light bulbs since before the ban of incandescent lights.

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Image credit: coolcat43n