Retailer Canadian Tire doesn’t just set green initiatives and follow through on them — they live by their sustainability approach and it’s embedded in the way they operate their business.

This Canadian retailer has received an Environmental GLOBE Award, sits on the Clean 50 list and inspires other businesses to take their environmental responsibilities seriously as we appreciate their sustainability strategies and their energy-efficient efforts in this sweet Success Story.

A bit of background about the business

Famous for having their own colourful currency to use in their 1,700 retail and gasoline outlets across Canada — since 1922, Canadian Tire has been one of the most popular general stores in the country.

Offering everything from automotive supplies and services to clothing apparel, from home hardware items to recreational sporting equipment and even financial services — this retailer appeals to a huge consumer market.

Claiming the title as the largest national sporting goods retailer in Canada, Canadian Tire is also responsible for employing almost 68,000 folks across the nation.  While this general stores giant is clearly doing well — it’s their love for the community and their green sustainability efforts that really blow us away.

Let’s talk about their sustainability strategies

“Doing good for the environment is good for business — bottom line,” says Canadian Tire on their official site.

After receiving the Environmental GLOBE Award for Best Green Retailing Practices for their business sustainability strategy back in 2012, Canadian Tire became a leading company that raised the bar in the retail world.

“This award is a direct result of Canadian Tire’s completion of 438 green initiatives in 2011 which is forecasted to reduce costs by more than $5.6 million, reduce 2,451 tonnes of waste and 6,900 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually,” reported Business Review Canada.

Oh, and they mean it.  Their focuses are on energy, climate and waste, according to their site.

  • Since May 2011, they started building stores that became 75 per cent more energy-efficient than the ones built in even just 2010.
  • They’ve reduced greenhouse gas emissions and contributed to a cleaner environment by improving their transportation practices that also resulted in lower operating costs.
  • They own responsibility and assess Canadian Tire’s carbon footprint — but more importantly, they work on strategies to reduce it.
  • Through their partnerships, they are involved in environmental swaps that have programs for products such as oil, batteries, pesticide containers, electronics and leftover paint — keeping them out of the landfill.
  • Eliminating or recycling more than 4,000 tonnes of cardboard, plastic and metal as well as 13 million pounds of lead acid batteries since 2007 — their waste initiatives have been impressive.

Canadian Tire is looking good in green, eh?

Canadian Tire also allows access to their sustainability business reports available online for folks to check out.

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Image credit: ocrr4204