North American industrial energy-efficiency programs among some of the best

An article published by Energy Manager Today announces that Canada and the US lead the world in industrial energy-efficiency programs. The claim stems from a recent report prepared by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, also known as the ACEEE, entitled “Energy Efficiency Resource Acquisition Program Models in North America”.

According to the ACEEE website, the report looked closely at eight programs in the US and Canada which promote the acquisition of “energy-efficiency as a predictable and reliable resource for meeting existing and future demands”. The report focused on the industrial sector but the ACEEE suggests its finding may be used across the board.

Promoting energy-efficiency acquisition in Canada

So, who are the Canadian big hitters promoting energy efficiency acquisition programs? The list includes BC Hydro, Detroit Edison and Enbridge Gas Distribution–all businesses that offer programs that use energy efficiency as a resource to meet current and future regional energy needs.

BC Hydro for example, offers funding and design expertise for new plant designs and energy management assessments among many incentives they offer to members of the industrial sector. Detroit Edison, or DTE Energy, offers incentives for an array of energy-saving technologies including the installation of high performance lighting, LED exit signs and light sensors. Last but not least, Enbridge Gas Distribution offers incentives for industrial customers through their Continuous Energy Improvement Program and Small Industrial Energy Assessment Program.

Other highlighted programs, according to Energy Manager Today include:  Bonneville Power Administration, Wisconsin Focus on Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon, Efficiency Vermont and NYSERDA.

Each program offers a different model for energy savings but all encourage customers to implement best practices and invest in energy-efficient technologies. The report itself cautions that programs must be tailored to meet the needs of different regions and industries.

NRCan also offers incentives for industrial businesses in Canada. Find out more here!

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