Bridgeport Pasty Co.’s delicious handheld pies are being served up in a sustainable electric food truck around Chicago.  The Pastymobile is setting a new green standard in the food truck industry as they offer big food and a small footprint.

Back in the late summer of 2011, Jay and Carrie Sebastian started baking their pasties to sell out of their Pastymobiles — setting up shop around the University of Chicago and other lucky spots around their town. It’s 2014, and this duo is still driving around in their electric food truck selling their popular handheld pot pies!

Wait, what exactly are they selling from their electric food truck?

It’s a little like an empanada — similar to a dumpling or a calzone — a pasty is a delicious hand held pot pie. Originating in Cornwall, Brittan — it’s been traditionally known as a workers’ lunch as it’s essentially a super convenient English pie filled with meat and vegetables.

Jay and Carrie Sebastian decided Chicago needed pasties back in 2009 and soon enough, they turned their dreams into a reality.

Let’s talk about electric-fueled Pastymobile

Made in Iowa by Polaris, these electric vehicles carrying Bridgeport Pasties legally roll on public roads 35MPH or less — as they are low-speed cars.

“With a top speed of 26MPH, GEM cars have a range of up to 30 miles on full charge,” Bridgeport Pasty says on their official website, “Our 2010 GEM eLXD features: Heavy-duty DC motor with continuous 7 HP rating and 21 HP peak during acceleration and hill climbing.”

They have maintenance-free gel batteries and front-wheel drive. The Pastymobile can charge up by using a standard 110-volt AC 15-amp outlet by using their onboard charger.

The Pastymobile in the food truck scene

According to Green Commercial Kitchens for Your Food Truck (For Dummies), commercial kitchens are notorious for using excessive amounts of water and energy. While most food trucks are not electric, they also have a carbon emissions trail they leave behind. But it seems that the food truck industry is always working on taking the greener path.

“Since its inception, the mobile food industry has been an active participant in the movement to improve environmental stability,” says Running a Food Truck For Dummies.

Bridgeport Pasty’s GEM all-electric vehicles are setting a new standard as they bring even more green into the food truck scene. In fact, because pasties are growing in popularity the Sebastians are working on a bakery — that will use renewable energy. In fact, the plan is to have 40 solar panels to charge the Pasty, according to Chicago Tribune.

Kind of makes you want to cruise over to Chicago for a pasty, eh?


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