Home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Marlies and Raptors, the Air Canada Centre (ACC) is providing a carbon neutral quality venue without sacrificing entertainment value. A hub for games, concerts and special events in downtown Toronto, sports fans and concert-goers will be pleased to know they’re entering an energy-efficient, green environment.

Having made a commitment to become more environmentally friendly back in 2008, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) invested over $5 million in the last five years to follow through with their green initiatives. Their devotion to sustainability has them teamed up with Just Energy and together, they’ve been able to offset 100 per cent of their carbon emissions and decrease the carbon footprint by 30 per cent, according to Alternatives Journal.

The ACC has made impressive energy reduction efforts

In addition to getting their carbon neutral game on, the ACC has also improved both their water management operations and energy efficiency. Their goal of reducing their energy by 30 per cent has been actively planned for by installing energy-efficient fixtures and systems.

Focusing on heating, cooling and the electrical system, Just Green and MLSE were able to test the carbon impact on the building. Another big part of their mission is to communicate both these efforts and the concept of carbon reduction in general — and they’re in a great position to do this.  By promoting going green through events and having well-known athletes publicly support environmental values — MLSE has an excellent platform to reach a portion of the population.

That’s not all; folks at MLSE are taking waste generated at the ACC seriously. Getting involved in a green waste diversion program, they’re boycotting landfills and giving all the garbage new destinies with fates in recycling and compost streams.

“[The ACC plans on] becoming a leader in environmental practices through fan engagement and best practices,” states the ACC on their official website.

The ACC’s green efforts deserve recognition

“The ACC, home of the Maple Leafs and Raptors, has been named one of the 16 most progressive sports venues when it comes to reducing environmental impacts,” reports The Star.

While they’ve made huge strides towards energy efficiency in the last five years, their efforts to reduce energy consumption have actually been going on for years. In fact, it was between 2007 to 2011 that they had upgraded their lighting to LED and T8 technology which resulted in reducing their energy by 1.34 million kilowatt-hours per year.

For a few years now, they’ve boycotted using chemicals when making their ice and opted for non-toxic water-based paints for the markings on the rink.

Kind of makes you want to head downtown for a game, eh?

Since teaming up with Just Energy, MLSE has only gotten greener.  The Just Green Community has more information and is worth checking out.

For folks curious about how the energy consumption of their own businesses, we have an Energy Audit tool available for your convenience.


Image credit: Stephen Gardiner