While many hotels are undergoing renovations, retrofits and upgrades in order to catch up with the efficiency wave flooding the industry, many start-ups and newer hotel chains are making the choice to go green from the get go and launch brands that target a generation of tourists and business travelers looking for the most environmentally and guest friendly option on the market.

Building green from the ground up

Such was the concept behind Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites, launched in 2010, on the anniversary of Earth Day by Atmosphere Hospitality Management. According to Adoba Eco Hotels & Suites, the company aims to build “top-performing independent property designed for maximum energy efficiency, improved health of our environment and elevated long-term profitability.”

According to Hotel News Resource, Adoba currently operates two hotels, part of the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suite chain, and is planning on opening three more in the Northeast by 2014. Among the new projects will be the first Platinum LEED certified Conference Center Hotel in Abilene, Texas, and the first Adoba Exo Hotel to be built from the ground up, not renovated. It is reported that the Conference Center Hotel will offer 300 eco-luxury guestrooms and suites, as well as design and technology advanced systems for green conference center space that will total 14,000 square feet, not counting the 9,000 square foot ballroom for formal functions. The hotel will also be equipped with a wood-fired organic dining room, extending the green focus into every direction.

Sustainable practices ensure profitability

Behind the drive to produce green buildings is the belief that sustainable business practices are a necessary part of future profitability, combined of course, with quality operational systems, sales techniques, and guest services. Designed with the green-conscious traveler in mind, Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites provides upscale accommodation, each of which is 100% certified sustainable.

An award winning design

Adobe Eco Hotels and Suites may be the new kid on the block, but after having been recognized as a green entrepreneur that is “Moving America Forward” (as mentioned on the national television show hosted by William Shatner) they’re slowly putting themselves on the map of sustainable travel.

In regards to their approach to sustainable building, James Henderson, President of Atmosphere Hospitality Management Services says that: “The design includes sustainable elements such as; xeric landscaping plans, a smart solar roofing system, wind-turbine options, recycled building materials and purposeful upscale amenities. This design represents a tremendous change to conventional hotel construction and it demonstrates our commitment to incorporating a 360-degree view of sustainability to our plans and embedding environmental responsibility at the core of our business model. This approach will give the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites a competitive edge while addressing profitability and sustainable issues facing owners for decades to come.”

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