Last fall TD Bank Group launched a new concept branch in Mississauga that showcases their energy-efficiency and sustainability efforts — proving that the second largest bank in Canada is really following through on their green initiatives.

Back in 2012, TD received a healthy amount of press that promoted their desire to embed a green, environmental way of thinking into their long-term goals in all aspects of their business — their efforts deserve recognition.  They have been learning about net-zero energy building and working on several projects since.

Sustainability 101 at the bank

Doing more than switching light bulbs, TD is incorporating sustainability in both their buildings and their services. Training their employees to be in the know about their sustainability efforts, the new super green building for the Creditview Road branch in Mississauga offers the usual services along with a lesson about the sustainable qualities of the branch, according to Green Buildings & Sustainable Strategies.

This concept branch is about education. The employees are so thoroughly trained to understand the importance of TD’s sustainability efforts that they are able to communicate this information to customers. This branch provides knowledge and explains why in addition to their energy-efficient building.

TD’s green buildings

Aiming for the LEED gold certification — TD has a good chance at achieving their goal. After all, two renewable energy resources were incorporated into this green build: solar panels generate electricity and geothermal heat pumps provide heating and cooling.  With a rainwater collection system for irrigation, their water-efficiency was taken into account so low-flow systems were installed inside the building. For artificial lighting, they opted for LED bulbs and even invested in sensors to better control their energy consumption.

Their desire to be a net-zero energy building was a success with the help from Brigholme Interiors Group.

TD Bank is an environmental leader

Though the new concept bank just launched recently, their focus on energy efficiency has been going on for a while now. Their lessons on sustainability is also not exactly new — in fact, back in 2011 the London branch started operating with a retrofit system, according to Carbon49. They’ve been carbon neutral since 2010.

“It has a ‘Green Energy Park’ available for public use. The local school next to the park can use the amphitheatre in the park to learn about sustainability,” reports Carbon49, “TD also provided the school with TV monitors that allow students to track the power generated by the solar panels.”

TD also provides homeowners with advice on maintaining an energy efficient home.

Their devotion to energy efficiency, sustainability, education and long-term planning really does deserve high praise. Their success in going green is admirable and should provide much inspiration for other businesses!

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Image credit: perlaneconstruction