They say a really good idea comes around once in a lifetime. Well, did you know that by integrating an energy-management system, you can qualify for financial aid from the Canadian government and save money in the long-run? Now that’s an idea that will stick, kind of like the Scotch tape produced by 3M Canada, manufacturer of more than 55,000 products that find their way around the world.

This time however, it’s 3M’s Brockville manufacturing facility that is under the spotlight. Announced in October, the tape plant in Brockville location pioneered the way for 3M to be recognized as the first company in Canada and only the second in the world to achieve Platinum Level Superior Energy Performance and meet all requirements of the ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 and the path to accreditation

Minus the technical jargon, here’s what you need to know about ISO 50001. ISO 50001 is an internationally recognized energy management system that makes it easier for businesses to develop policies, targets, and data in order to further their commitment to environmental management. According to the 3M website, the ISO 50001 helps businesses reduce their energy use by sharing best practices, measurement and reporting disciplines, and promoting energy efficiency throughout supply chain operations. The system also allows for measured results which can facilitate decision making on multiple levels (read about financial aid for industrial business in Canada who adopt ISO 50001).

3M Canada’s tape plant set out in 2011 to integrate the ISO 50001 and move to the top of the energy management value chain. Some (among many) of the changes planned in order to meet their goal of attaining ISO 50001 accreditation include: lighting retrofit, oven optimization, HVAC heat recovery and chilled water system improvements. The Brockville plant also outlined action points designed to improve and track implementations including: sub-metering, installing software to monitor energy consumption, identifying energy drivers etc.

What’s better than gold?

Having acquired Platinum recognition is a major accomplishment for 3M Canada, a company who has blazed the trail to successful implementation of ISO 50001 and proves a shining example for other members of Canadian industry looking to go green.

In an article published on Energy Manager, Paul Madden, President and General Manager of 3M Canada was quoted saying: “At 3M Canada, energy efficiency and energy management is a major priority in our offices, research laboratories, and especially in our manufacturing facilities. We’re so proud to be the first company in Canada to earn the honour of ISO 50001 with Superior Energy Performance at the Platinum Level, and are sincerely thankful to the Ministry of Natural Resources for all their support.”

In addition to thanking Natural Resources Canada, 3M also recognizes Enbridge, Hydro One and Energy Performance Services (EPS) for their support in implementing ISO 50001.

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image credit: 3Geezy