Reduce your energy bill throughout the holiday season and carry these energy saving habits into the new year for your business.  Starting with energy-efficient festive decorations, here’s a happy holiday How To that’ll set your business up for success when it comes to your energy bill.

Light up wisely

To get that festive glow, opt for energy-efficient LED and compact fluorescent bulbs when it comes to both your indoor and outdoor lights. When it comes to taking down the holiday strings — start the switch for your regular lights. After all, LED lights are bright, save you energy and live a longer life than traditional incandescent lights.

Maximize your daylighting by opening up curtains and blinds. Natural light is free — and by strategically placing mirrors or other reflective surfaces in a room, day light can illuminate your indoor space without adding to your energy bill.

Understand your energy retailer

The folks who provide you power when you plug in or switch on is your energy retailer — they sell you electricity and gas. Many of these folks will offer you valuable information — such as electricity pricing — they will let you know what their ‘off peak’ and ‘peak’ hours are. By strategizing your use of appliances, this can have a huge affect on your energy bill.  Tip: Consider using a timer.

By assessing your appliances and figuring out how much wattage they use — it’s just a matter of calculating costs after that. Make a plan, turn it into a routine and enjoy the benefits of energy savings!

Also, remember to unplug equipment and appliances you aren’t using to avoid phantom electricity costs!

Keep it cool when it comes to heating

By throwing on an extra sweater or tying a fashionable scarf around your neck, lowering your thermostat by just two degrees will result in energy efficiency — which means savings. Heating and cooling costs add up quickly which means compromising on an indoor temperature will make a big difference when you look at the bigger picture.

Seal in your savings

It’s important to check your building for drafts and leaks. Just remember, even if a crack in your window is only 1/6th of an inch small — it’s the same as leaving the window open three inches. Fix that window immediately and it will benefit your utility bill — after all, a well insulated building is an energy-efficient one.

Take advantage of rebates and incentives

While it may require some focus and time, the payback is worth it. If your business is in the foodservice, retail, accommodations and small industrial sectors, folks like Enbridge offer thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives.  Consider this.


Image credit: Tammy Lee Bradley