We’ve been posting a lot about sustainable lighting lately – and for good reason, it’s one heck of a bright idea. From switching your exit signs to LEDs like the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver (read about their 5 Green Key Rating) to investing in sustainable high-bay lighting for industrial warehouses and facilities; whatever the industry, there are tons of ways to save on lighting.

Small retailers save big on sustainable lighting

For small retailers, the cost of upgrading to or investing in brand new energy-efficient lighting and equipment can deter the decision to shift in “greener” directions.

Thankfully, in an effort to promote energy-efficient initiatives throughout various sectors, the Government of Ontario (Hydro One) offers certain financial incentives designed to help business owners get on their feet. As per the NRCan Office of Energy-Efficiency and saveONenergy websites, the saveONenergy Small Business Lighting Program offers qualified businesses the chance to receive up to $1,150 worth of energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades.

Who is qualified for the program?

The program is designed for non-food retail and is open to businesses with an electricity demand of less than 50 kW such as clothing stores, independent restaurants, dry cleaners, medical offices, beauty salons, convenience stores, garages and other small retailers. You can find out if your business qualifies by checking your electric utility bill; if your bill is measured in kilowatt hours, the annual electricity demand is likely 50 kW or less. If it is measured in kW or kVA, according to the saveONenergy site, your business likely uses more than 50 kW a year.

How does the saveONenergy Small Business Lighting Program work?

Courtesy of the saveONenergy program, your business will have access to licensed electrical contractors, a no-risk assessment, and clean-up which includes recycling and proper disposal. After a contractor verifies that your energy use is under 50 kW, you will be offered a free assessment of your water-heating and lighting equipment. While the primary focus is on lighting upgrades, other electricity savings will also be identified, upon which you can decide whether you would like to move forward with the retrofit.

If you decide to move forward, a signed work order form and customer agreement will be processed. Finally, the upgrades will be installed; funding up to $1,500 is provided for the retrofit, including the costs of material and labour. There are some instances which may allow for incentives beyond $1,500.

Questions or comments about the saveONenergy Small Business Lighting Program? Visit the Natural Resources Canada website or leave your question or comment below!

image credit: greendragonflygirl