Whether you’re a hotel operator undergoing a retrofit or a restaurant owner looking to entertain customers by broadcasting the finals of the world cup in every corner of your venue, investing in an energy-efficient television is a great way to lower costs without jeopardizing the high quality service that matters most, to you, and your guests.

Invest in an ENERGY STAR certified television

Since 1998, qualified televisions have been allotted the ENERGY STAR label. Today, manufacturers have been able to produce televisions that are, on average, over 20% more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. The amount of energy saved however differentiates from model to model as ENERGY STAR requirements enforce more stringent efficiency levels on larger sets. According to the website, an ENERGY STAR certified 60-inch television can be almost 40% more energy-efficient than the non certified alternative.

How do you know  if a model is ENERGY STAR certified?

Look for the ENERGY STAR label, a sure fire way to identify the most efficient models on the market. In order to qualify for ENERGY STAR certification, these televisions must consume 1 watt or less in Sleep Mode. On Mode power requirements vary according to screen area. According to ENERGY STAR, the external power supplies (EPS) packaged with TV products must also meet level V performance requirements under the International Efficiency Marking Protocol and include the level V marking.

From standard TVs to HD-ready TVs, large flat-screen LCDs and plasma models, whether your business is looking to retrofit existing equipment or install televisions for the very first time, there is an energy-efficient option out there to meet all your entertainment, and energy, needs.

Where can I buy an ENERGY STAR certified TV?

For a full list of retailers in Canada who carry ENERGY STAR certified televisions, click here! For businesses in Quebec, an additional list of retailers is available via Hydro Quebec.

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image credit: Vienna Marriott Hotel