Summer weather, delicious menus and cold beverages bring people to patios getting restaurants busy during this season.  A busy summer restaurant means an energy-intensive one but there are ways to save on costs by getting green.

Here are some sweet tips that will encourage savings without compromising excellent service in your restaurant for this patio season.

Consider an air door

Both guests and service staff traffic back and forth from the patio to the inside of the restaurant — instead of letting the indoor temperature you’re paying to maintain escape, install an air door.

This clever doorway attachment is installed above the entryway and is excellent for keeping outdoor air out and your indoor air where you want it. Instead of wasting cooling costs, invest in an air door to maximize your restaurant’s energy efficiency.

For event nights, have a satellite bar

Downtown restaurants can anticipate busy rushes during events or games — a great way to increase both service and energy efficiency is to set up a satellite bar on the patio.  This is especially helpful if you don’t have an air door as it reduces traffic going in and out of the restaurant.

Upgrade to energy-efficient kitchen appliances

It’s been said that approximately 25 per cent of a commercial kitchen’s energy consumption is used by food preparation appliances — so to achieve better savings, consider upgrading to ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances. There are other perks aside from energy savings like shorter cook times, less heat loss and even higher production rates.

Choose an energy-efficient ice maker

In efforts to keep costs down while running the ice machine, consider purchasing an energy-efficient ice maker. This will also help with water conservation and will help improve your bottom line. For more information, check out our specific How to choose an energy-efficient ice maker for your business.

Use energy-efficient patio heaters

When night falls, providing guest comfort may come in the form of turning on patio heaters. Of course, there are energy-efficient patio heaters available so this patio season, consider these as it will save you in fueling or energy costs.

Check out eco-friendly products for cleaning

Our partners at LEAF (Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice) offer a great Green Supplier Guide for green businesses that’s worth checking out before you put in your next supply order.


For restaurants curious about their energy consumption, take our free interactive Energy Audit. Also, for businesses we have incentives.


Image credit: svacher