Getting your staff on-board with energy saving practices in the workplace can be tricky. Needless to say, some positions lend themselves easily to being a part of energy savings while others, like that of a hotel desk clerk may have less obvious roles to play in improving the energy efficiency of your establishment. Nevertheless, there are a number of things your front desk staff can do to help forward sustainable policies and cut down on energy costs at your hotel.

Check out our list of energy-saving tips below and discover how to get everyone on board with energy-efficient practices in the workplace.

5 energy-saving tips for your front desk staff:

  1. Book in clusters: Why waste energy heating rooms that aren’t occupied? Encourage front desk staff to book rooms in clusters, so that only specific, occupied, areas of the hotel need to be heated or cooled at once. This makes sure that the comfort of guests is in no way jeopardized while minimizing the amount of energy needed to regulate temperate in specific areas of your hotel.
  2. Book certain rooms first: A great way to save on energy is by asking your front desk staff to book rooms according to the amount of energy it takes to heat or cool those areas. Keep in mind that rooms on the top floors, at building corners, and facing west (in summer) or north (in winter) are the most energy-intensive to heat or cool. Consider renting them last in order to optimize energy-savings all year round.
  3. Communicate “green” practices to hotel guests: Providing guests with “green” alternatives is an effective way to involve them in energy-saving initiatives, but communicating these options during check-in will ensure they take notice and advantage of sustainable choices during their stay. Encourage front desk staff to communicate “green” hotel policies to guests as they check-in and communicate best practices for things like space heating, opening windows, and switching off lights that can help lower energy costs.
  4. Do a ground sweep: While most of your hotel’s energy is consumed in guest rooms and other meeting areas, it’s important to be aware of opportunities to save energy at every level of your hotel. Ask your front desk staff to do a sweep of the ground floor during quiet hours, turning off lights that have been accidentally left on, closing or opening drapes in order to take advantages of natural sunlight or insulate during colder months or adjusting air temperature, if not regulated by sensors.
  5. Get creative, and involved: Make sure that your front desk staff members are active participants of your hotel’s “Green Team”. Encourage them to brainstorm other ways in which the hotel could improve energy-efficiency. The more, the merrier – and the more efficient.

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image credit: TorontoDVHotel