With over 300,000 people without power in Ontario since ice storm 2013, some businesses will be hit with a recovery struggle harder than others. For those in food service and accommodations, items in the fridge will be threatened to turn to waste.

After safety for everyone has been secured, we wanted to help with some ways to help your business recover from this unexpected disaster.

There’s a tree in front of my building

If a tree has fallen on your property in Toronto, folks are being encouraged to contact the city’s Urban Forestry Services. At any time, dial in 416-338-TREE as a resource to help solve the fallen tree situation. If winds pick up and get rough, this may result in more trees coming down. Call the number.

The food situation

Toronto Public Health is saying that food in the refrigerator or freezer can last between 24 to 48 hours. Avoid opening the door to either unless absolutely necessary. If the power has been out longer than this for your restaurant, you are advised to chuck it. Appliances should be cleaned and sanitized just to be safe.

The carbon monoxide threat

While it may seem like a great idea to bust out the heating and BBQing camping equipment in a case of no electricity — but avoid using things such as indoors as they produce carbon monoxide (the silent killer). Also, carbon monoxide detectors are battery powered so make sure there’s a fresh set of batteries in your detectors!

Do a walk around

If there are any fallen service wires that reach for your building — stay away from them. If you’ve been affected by the massive power outage, turn off all the appliances and electronic equipment, lower your thermostat and minimize the lighting situation to avoid the surge when the energy returns.

If your in a position of advantage (or rather you’re just living a normal life right now)

Help everyone else out. Listen to the radio, watch television, check for elderly neighbours and open your door up to family and friends without power. Make sure your staff and coworkers are safe. Either way, folks are being advised to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.


Wishing everyone luck over the next while. If you’re reading this, congratulations — you have power! For any questions, drop us a line. Seasons greetings from BizEnergy!