Energy efficiency and sustainably is trending as more businesses are adjusting their environmental initiatives and going green. With recognition being given to those who are becoming more socially responsible, this practice is benefitting both businesses and, well, the planet.

For those new to the green scene — here’s a How To when it comes to qualifying for different sustainable business awards.

Set targets — but more importantly, follow through

While there are tons of sustainability initiatives around, the Sustainable Business Awards have specific expectations that need to be met to qualify for an achievement that will be recognized worldwide.

“The SBA methodology combines the best features of benchmarking and awards processes globally to really deliver green strategy and business advantage,” states the SBA website.

Businesses have to consider their framework, according to the SBA: strategy and vision, energy (activities that reduce energy bills), water efficiency practices, waste and recycling, blodversity impact, community, workplace and supply chain consideration.

This is only an example of one — but a lot of different awards like the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, UK’s National Business Awards, Australian Sustainability Business Awards, InnoBev Sustainability Awards and Canada’s BLOOM Sustainability Leadership Awards — all have similar standards.

“Innovation and impact are as important as each other and we’ve shaped our 2013 categories so that we can reward both,” says the Guardian’s website.

It’s important to check out the methodology for the award you’re applying for and to make sure you’re setting targets you can follow through on with your business.

Get yourself recognized

The benefits of winning this type of award goes beyond being listed as an award-winner — being recognized means your business will have met specific needs. This gives stakeholders and global experts evidence of your sustainable efforts and credibility.

“All the companies will have embedded business sustainability principles and practices and will be reaping the benefits through improved commercial performance, competitiveness, customer perception and staff engagement,” reported Economia when they announced the shortlist for the ICAEW Sustainable Business Award.

Once you get your business to qualify, applying to get your company recognized is just the next step. Depending on where your company is located, there is a selection of awards out there that are available. These are excellent goals to work towards and recognition will come just by making these energy efficient and sustainability efforts with your business. Sustainability efforts are appealing to employees, stakeholders and clients. 

Additional tips

Earlier this year, Ivey Business Journal published a Ten Steps to a Sustainable Business in 2013.

There’s also the Sustainable Business Network that both gives out awards and works as a resource to succeed sustainability.


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