Sustainable seafood on a menu means a responsible, greener image for a business and a happier ocean. The good news is more Canadian restaurants are getting on board with menu sustainability — the even better news is even more people are recognizing, learning and encouraging it.

The best news? Vancouver’s Ocean Wise program helps make the transition to sustainable seafood easy as they provide resources, partnerships and valuable information that can benefit businesses in the food service, restaurant industry and market retail.

For folks who want a clearer understanding on sustainable seafood, BizEnergy has covered what you need to know about sustainable seafood.

What is the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program?

Put out by the non-profit society, Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Wise is dedicated to conserving life in the sea. It’s a program that was created to educate and empower folks when it comes to aquatic life — and they offer their Ocean Wise stamp to over 450 participating members who are doing their part with their businesses to achieve a more sustainable future for the ocean.

They understand that overfishing is the greatest threat to our oceans and have put out information about sustainable seafood in efforts to inform businesses and the general public. Since 2005, their program has been making sustainable recommendations for menus and markets based on thorough research — making ocean-friendly practice a delicious, responsible option.

How do I get my business involved?

For businesses that serve, provide or sell seafood, you can check out how to join Ocean Wise on their website and request an application to join. Once they’ve received your request, they will provide you with information about the required steps to become part of the program.

This program provides businesses access to a network of other folks committed to sustainable seafood.

Who participates in the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program?

Toronto’s Just Sushi made headlines earlier this year for being the world’s most sustainable sushi bar while a sushi restaurant called RawBar, serving exclusively Ocean Wise options in Vancouver, made news this week.

Restaurants participating are also eager to encourage consumers to understand the value of Ocean Wise and sustainability. Sustainable seafood is a trend with an ocean of possibilities and an optimal method of business practice with excellent long-term benefits.

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Image credit: The Beach Club Resort