Chances are, you get your utility bills in the mail, glance at them, and file them away.

Energy costs are just another entry on the expense sheet, right? And there’s nothing much to be done—those costs are pretty much fixed in stone.

Well, not quite.

The companies that provide your energy—your electricity, your water and your gas—actually have mandates to save you money.

It’s true. Through different rebate and incentive programs, your local utilities offer a variety of ways to save money on your energy bills. Some programs are intended to make larger-scale investments, like energy-efficient retrofits, more affordable. Many, though, are simple upgrades that require little up-front investment and won’t disturb the day-to-day running of your business.

For a great overview of incentive programs across Canada, check out Natural Resources Canada’s list of grant and incentive programs, arranged by province.

Better yet? Take a closer look at your utility bills! Most utilities have customer service reps dedicated to small businesses. Sometimes saving money is as simple as making a phone call.

Image credit: Anton Fomkin