It’s possible. While the concept can seem far-fetched for the typical North American mind, Germany is opening its doors to Original Unverpackt — their first waste-free supermarket.

While Germany is known for their energy efficiency efforts — making use of renewable energy, being energy self-sufficient and working to reduce carbon pollution — this sustainable retailer in Berlin is stepping up their waste management game as it will be package-free.

Come August, Original Unverpackt will be the first concept store of the like in Germany offering the option of purchasing food without waste. Founders Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski raised funds through private investors and crowd funding, according to Business Insider.

Here’s a guide on how they’ll make it happen.

Ditch the supermarket model as we know it

Instead of shelves filled with packaged goods, Original Unverpackt displays bulk gravity bins for grains — strategically set up, aesthetics considered, to fill reusable containers.

“…and you bring your own containers and fill them with as much food as you actually need,” say the founders.

What about beverages?

Like grains, beverages have bulk stations where folks can bring bottles to easily refill.

Even the produce ditches shrink wrap and is attractively displayed

The produce is set up in such a way it avoids tetra packs and disposable wraps. Original Unverpackt keeps things simple!

Stock the shelves with local goods

Much of the food to be sold will be largely locally sourced — keeping things sustainable as they also cut costs on transportation and emissions.

Here’s a video and a sneak peak into the store

While it’s in German, there are subtitles and the visuals guide you through it all. This concept for a grocer could be a real game-changer and may be revolutionary in the retail food world.

For businesses getting energy-efficient, we have incentives.


Image credit: YouTube