While sustainable seafood has continued to catch on with more restaurants getting on board with this environmentally responsible approach to dining out — sustainable beef burgers are starting to enter the green foodservice scene.

With McDonalds promising “verified sustainable beef” in their restaurants for 2016, HERO Certified Burgers already committed to sustainability and sustainable burger restaurants launching in Brighton — this eco-friendly beef trend is becoming all the rage.

By looking at what some of the leading burger businesses are doing to get green, BizEnergy will provide a sweet how to get your own restaurant more sustainable with beef.

Aim for a sustainable philosophy that benefits beef and business

A focus on sustainability may mean re-constructing your core values and business philosophy — but sourcing quality sustainable suppliers for your menu can benefit your business as you join the green community. Taking an environmentally friendly approach invites new opportunities to generate business that can both better your bottom line and allow you to feel good about your practice.

HERO Certified Burgers integrated sustainability into their philosophy when they were sourcing out the best quality beef for their successful chain, reports the Toronto Sun.

John Lettieri, president and founder of the burger chain, did his research before opting for Canadian beef providers and decided on award-winning Heritage Angus Beef.

“[The beef] is totally raised in a sustainable environment, grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, no binders, and no fillers,” Lettieri told the Toronto Sun, “It’s Halal certified, gluten-free, fully traceable — and 100% Canadian.”

Beyond the beef, HERO Certified Burgers follows through with their sustainability approach even in their green packaging — having partnered up with GreenDustries Packaging. With a personal philosophy of sustainability, Lettieri makes business decisions that support this based on his core values.

Fast food giant McDonalds is taking this approach

While some McDonalds stores are integrating renewable energy and energy-efficiency in their designs — the fast food giant is aiming to begin purchasing sustainable beef in 2016.

Famous for popular menu items like Big Macs, their burgers are an integral part of their image and this transition to sustainable beef will be a big one. Their approach includes getting involved with a group called Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef — with members including both environmental groups and big names in the beef industry, according to Boston’s NPR news station.

The Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef will launch some projects that will help promote sustainability in big beef-producing countries in 2016. “Researchers will measure the environmental and social effects of producing beef in those operations, and look for ways to do even better,” reports NPR news station.

Having started out as a hamburger destination, by 2016 the fast food giant has plans to get their beef on the sustainability wagon.

Promote the greening of your service

Be proud of your sustainable products and green efforts — let all the employees know, spread the word throughout your business and to all your guests.

Burger joints such as Great Burger Kitchen promote their support of locally food culture, sustainable, ethical and healthy food as part of their branding. These folks have two locations in Toronto.

Getting sustainable betters your image and can improve the quality of your business. Let’s hope this sustainable beef trend lasts!

If restaurants or businesses are looking for incentives, we have them. Also, if your foodservice business is getting sustainable with beef, let us know!


Image credit: beingjoey