Whether your hotel identifies as eco-friendly or you are just starting to integrate new environmental initiatives into your company — you can step up and lead by example and set out to paint the accommodations scene green.


To maximize energy efficiency in a building means getting the community involved and minimizing their energy consumption.  For those in accommodations, this means an effort from management and employees to guests can be made to reduce everything from carbon footprints to energy waste.

Here’s a handy How To get guests to green their stay!

Consider motion detectors

For both guest rooms and certain public areas, consider installing a motion detector that will access features like lighting, heating (or cooling), occupancy detection and energy management. Companies such as Axxess Industries offers hospitality systems that can contribute to energy savings for your hotel.

Install attractive bulk dispensers

For guests, offer quality toiletries in bulk dispensers to reduce wasteful packaging. While some folks may be disappointed they can’t bring home little bottles — your hotel also won’t be purchasing a ton of mini-bottles with destinies to a landfill. Bigger picture, right?

After all, hotels like the Windford Manor do it.

Be on top of all leaks

Whether it’s a window leak or a faucet — make sure it gets fixed immediately. While a leaky faucet will be annoying to the guest, it will also be literally dripping with energy and water waste. When guests are checking out, if they mention a leak — have it investigated immediately. Repairs do well to serve both the guest and your hotel. A well-insulated and well-maintained hotel is an energy efficient one!

Promote environmental responsibility

While many hotels have already jumped on the water conservation bandwagon — encouraging guests through door-knob-talkers or leaflets available in their rooms to reuse towels and sheets — some still have yet to submit to the awesome trend. Offer recycling bins, the option to reuse your linens and encourage energy efficiency to both staff and guests.

This may include re-training your staff and having them offer a green welcome to guests checking in. Let folks know about your environmental policies and your vision to promote energy efficiency and sustainable tourism. Raising awareness, after all, is key.

Getting guests to green their stay not only benefits the environment, it is also good for business. Instead of wasting valuable resources — you’re encouraging folks to be more mindful of their consumption. Let’s be honest, getting green is not just a good look for hotels and guests — it’s attractive on anyone.

For businesses, we offer an interactive Energy Audit.


Image credit: The Roaming Boomers