‘Tis the season to light up your hotel with thousands of festive bulbs – so this year, why not make them “green”?  As your hotel plays host to an endless stream of Christmas parties, Hanukkah parties and other holiday celebrations, it’s time to invest in energy-efficient lightbulbs that will seriously lessen your energy consumption – and your costs.

Out with the old and in the with the new (and improved) LEDs

It’s true! Yes, LEDs weren’t always the most versatile of lighting options, accused of flickering and casting a “cool” light that simply wasn’t warm enough for fans of the most festive of holiday seasons. Thankfully, today most LED manufacturers sell lovely warm lights that will twinkle their way into your hearts, and your halls, mimicking the traditional glow cherished by fans of traditional yellow bulbs.

Not only are LEDs warming their way into the hearts (and rooms) of businesses everywhere, nowadays they also come in all kind of cute shapes and sizes; from outdoor light sizes of C7 and C9 to minis, small round G12 bulbs and C6 teardrops, LED Christmas lights are available as net lights for bushes, icicle strands, rope lighting and garland!

The best part? According to Inhabitat, you’ll get a full 100,000 hours out of most LEDs, which means the party never has to stop because the lights go out.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to go LED this holiday season:

  • LEDs have a seriously long bulb life – 10 times longer than compact fluorescents in fact – enabling you to re-use your Christmas decorations year after year.
  • LEDs burn super bright! Your hotel will look more festive than ever before!
  • LED light strands are encased in a durable flexible plastic, thus keeping the potential for broken glass to a minimum. Safety first! Speaking of safety, LEDs don’t have a filament and thus, aren’t damaged during circumstances that would shatter an old incandescent bulb. Clumsy staff? It’s the season to forgive – and invest in durable light bulbs, just in case.
  • LED bulbs are cool! Yes, they’re also pretty trendy at the moment, but they are literally cooler than incandescent bulbs, producing merely 3.4btus per hour compared to 85 produced by the traditional bulb. Cooler bulbs mean your room won’t heat up as fast, and that means reduced air conditioning costs during party time.
  • LEDs are mercury free! Avoid harsh toxins. Promote health and happiness in the New Year.
  • LED lights use 90% less electricity (and are therefore much more energy-efficient) than traditional tungsten bulbs. Fact!
  • LEDs will save you money! Yes, you read correctly. Since they were first produced, the price of LEDs has pretty much equalized with that of normal bulbs. In the long-term however, you’ll save a ton of money and enjoy your bulbs for longer than ever before.

Investing in LEDs is a sure fire way to lower your energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint this year! Make a resolution to go “green” and save some money, while you’re at it.

Questions or comments about decorating with LEDs? Leave them below!

image credit: antijoe