With Power Smart month coming to an end, it’s still possible to run your business energy efficiently and do your part to reduce your restaurant’s energy consumption all year round.

Whether business owners are opting to dim their lights or bust out the candlelights — there are many things restaurants can do to reduce their energy use. Here’s a handy little How To cook up sweet energy savings!

Have a candlelight conservation dinner

For British Columbia’s Power Smart month, more than 77 restaurants participated in the initiative to promote energy efficiency in the restaurant industry in 11 B.C. communities, according to Tri-City news.

BC Hydro has a great Power Smart campaign going on for the month of October — and they’ve been encouraging restaurants to practice and increase awareness about energy efficiency. And there’s no reason not to let this habit die out in the following months — dimming the lights does more than conserve energy — it creates ambience.

Install an energy monitor

Arby’s Restaurant Group inc. is currently in the process of installing eMonitorTM energy, water and asset management platform by Powerhouse Dynamics, according to Green Retail Decisions.

By opting for this energy management monitor, the restaurant can understand where and when electrical loads happen. This makes it easier to identify energy savings opportunities and running the restaurant as energy efficiently as possible — making a huge difference on energy bills.

By the end of 2013, all 860 corporate owned and operated Arby’s are set to have these systems.

Repair or improve operational efficiencies

Whether it’s your refrigerator, a HVAC system issue or a draft in the restaurant — make it a priority to get it fixed. Early detection of these issues and/or equipment failures can save you thousands of dollars from maintenance expenses each month, suggests Novar.

Make sure to also check the efficiencies of your air conditioners and heating systems — as heating and cooling costs add up quickly — especially if the units aren’t running properly.

Take the time to hire good staff

Whether you’re interviewing for front or back of the house, make sure your staff is solid.  Too often, restaurants hire front of the house (or service staff) quickly and for the wrong reasons (because they look great in the uniform). A staff member who lacks common sense will let your water run, forget things (like closing the refrigerator door), use disposable dinner napkins to soak up a spill (rather than a cloth) or throw things away without looking at what they are.

If you’re in the restaurant industry, you know what I mean.

The first step is hiring a great staff — the second step is properly training them. If you have capable people on your team, you can teach them energy efficient tips that will benefit your business and your energy bill.

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Image credit: Kat Eye View