Improving your profits through operational costs by getting energy-efficient is just a matter of thoughtful tweaks in your business that will result in both sustainability and savings

In this edition of BizEnergy’s How To we’re going to look at saving opportunities for restaurants and food retailers and help business owners maximize their energy efficiency.

Keeping your cool

While every business deals with heating and cooling in their building as a cost concern, the issue of refrigeration is something folks in the foodservice and food retail sectors have to consider. According to Energy Star, the refrigeration of a grocery or convenience store can consume up to 40 per cent of your building’s energy.

But there are energy-efficient options when it comes to the display case, the walk-in or reach-in. Technology has allowed store owners to save in costs that will quickly make up for the initial investment of this energy-efficient equipment.

Otherwise, there are little things you can train your staff to do in efforts to maximize energy efficiency when it comes to refrigerators.

Keep up with your maintenance. Have your equipment checked regularly to ensure that everything is running properly. Clean your cooling coils, get rid of ice buildup, and make sure your door seals are tight. Get your staff to make sure that doors are always shut to keep the cold inside your refrigerator.

For folks in the restaurant, weekly shipments of produce, meats and liquor orders arrive — instead of opening and closing your door, install a plastic strip curtain so you can leave the door open during loading times.

Instead of having a fridge by your expo line, consider filling a bucket with ice and using inserts to keep items such as butter, mayo and garnish cool.

Light your business with an energy-efficient glow

While Canada phases out the incandescent light, why not get a head start and switch over to compact fluorescents or LED lights? These energy-efficient bulbs save you up to 90 per cent of the energy otherwise wasted on dated-incandescent lights.

For parking lots that currently use incandescent or mercury vapor lighting, consider an energy-efficient change and using high-pressure sodium or metal halide lighting. All these savings add up and better your bottom line.

For businesses getting energy-efficient, we have incentives.


Image credit: ReUse Action