Eco-tourism is gaining attention as sustainability becomes an even bigger priority for businesses in the accommodations sector — attracting socially responsible investors with green efforts can make for a thoughtful business strategy.

In fact, The Guardian recently published 10 key issues investors should consider for sustainable tourism — promoting excellent sustainable concepts investors should take into consideration before investing.

For businesses in the accommodations scene, BizEnergy is providing a How To for attracting these investors with your green hotel, sustainable bed and breakfast or eco-friendly resort.

Get energy and water efficient right now

Promoting accommodations that maximizes energy efficiency and water conservation is attractive to green investors. With businesses taking sustainability initiatives seriously, a huge part of that involves a greening buildings with energy-efficient HVAC systems, daylighting, LED lighting in public areas, water conservation practices (rainwater collection systems and gray water systems) and the use of energy management systems. This not only benefits the planet’s resources, it saves your business money and helps your bottom line.

While luxury star rating experiences often take away from energy conservation practices to provide a pampered experience, deciding on sustainable tourism is a socially responsible approach that will thrive in environmentally friendly, green eco-tourism communities and attract these types of investors.

Track and deal with carbon emissions

A great trend for many green businesses, including the accommodations sector amongst others, is going carbon neutral. Climate change is constantly being addressed and businesses that are battling it are more attractive than those who are contributing to it.

Consider tracking your hotel’s carbon emissions and then off-setting them with the purchase of renewables. While hotels aren’t the biggest culprits for greenhouse gas or the type of business with the largest carbon footprint — a business’ effort to track, reduce and offset emissions is a reflection of great sustainability as well as attractive to environmentally responsible investors.

Responsible sourcing of materials

Whether you’re starting a build from scratch, renovating or improving parts of your building — the responsible sourcing of materials, from lumber to energy — is something to consider. This also applies to things like towels, linens and cleaning products — sustainable suppliers are gaining in popularity and are something sustainable tourism investors should and will take into consideration. 

Food and beverage

The kitchen of a hotel is another opportunity to get sustainable. With foodservice being an integral part of many accommodations businesses, sustainable sourcing and thoughtful waste management is yet another component to greening your business. Whether you start with energy and water efficiency in the industrial kitchen or focus on sustainable sourcing for ingredients, this aspect of your hotel can also attract green investors.

Aiming for a high Green Key rating is something every green hotel should aspire to do as it’s an excellent way of branding your stay as green accommodations.  There are also websites like Top Canadian Hotel Guide to get your hotel listed on.

For businesses who are curious about their energy consumption, we have a free interactive Energy Audit. We also offer incentives to maximize your business’ energy efficiency.


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