For nearly two years, BizEnergy has been bringing you expert advice on how to save your restaurant money by lowering energy consumption, and costs. This year, we made a giant leap forwards, expanding into three new sectors including retail, accommodation and small industrial, and doubling our content to help you run a more efficient business; but that’s not all that’s been brewing behind the scenes at BizEnergy – take a look!

Introducing our free Energy Audit Tool

Over the last few months, our team of developers, writers and energy-experts have been busy putting together some great tools created to save your business even more money while reducing your carbon footprint. As a result, we are proud to introduce you to our Energy Audit Tool, designed for members of the accommodation, retail and foodservice sector wanting to “up” efficiency while lowering costs.

The Energy Audit Tool provides you with customized recommendations meant to improve the efficiency of your restaurant, hotel, retail shop or office space. If you haven’t checked it out already, follow this link and explore a world of savings!

Incentives and rebates for all industry members

Here’s your chance to cash-in on some great rebates and incentives, all in the name of creating an energy-efficient workspace. Whether you’re a small industrial business exploring the possibility of a retrofit, a start-up retailer looking for the most energy-efficient equipment on the market, or a hotel or restaurant operator in need of an upgrade; our partners at Enbridge offer a number of rebates that are guaranteed to set you on the right track towards energy savings.

Simply click here and follow this link and apply online, or download the “commercial” or “industrial” brochure to see how your business can start saving.

What else you can find on BizEnergy

New to BizEnergy? Welcome. We’re Canada’s business energy resource and our goal is to provide you with quality advice on how to build the most energy-efficient business possible.

With a focus on energy-efficiency, we bring our readers different types of articles including: “How Tos” where you’ll find advice on everything energy-related; “Ask an Expert” articles where we respond to questions from business owners and members of various industries; “Success Stories” that explore the journeys of featured organizations; and our team “Blog” where we brief our readers on relevant energy-related news stories flooding the virtual waves.

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