Crispy fish and greasy fries—heck, even deep-fried Mars bars—just got a little greener.

The EPA has expanded its Energy Star criteria for commercial deep-fat fryers to include large vat gas and electric fryers.

Large vat fryers are used by high-volume food facilities like grocery stores, fast food and full-service restaurants, and institutional kitchens. By using an Energy Star-certified large vat fryer, which is 10-35 percent more energy efficient than a conventional model, a commercial kitchen can save between $175 and $500 (USD) annually.

According to the EPA, if every large vat fryer in the US were Energy Star certified, energy costs would drop by $81 million and greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced equivalent to taking 95,000 cars off the road.

So your arteries may not thank you for ordering an extra-large serving of fried chicken—but at least the environment will be a little cleaner.

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Image credit: stevendepolo