Urban agriculture and biodynamic fisheries make their way out of the food production shadows with PBS’s new documentary series called Food Forward. The series, which airs in April or May on a variety of PBS affiliates, highlights “food rebels” across the US who are doing innovative things to change how we eat—and, ultimately, how we think about food.

From aquaponics to hydraponics, from Manhattan to Milwaukee, Food Forward showcases specifically urban agriculture, focusing on a single issue—fishing, farming, school lunch reform—for each episode. (You can watch clips of Food Forward here.)

Sounds like a great series. My journalistic spidey sense tingles just a bit when I see the pilot episode is presented by a couple of big organic food producers, including Stonyfield Farm and  Annie’s Homegrown, but I am looking forward to seeing how agriculture is adapting to the urban environment.

What do you think? Is urban agriculture the way to truly go local? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Image credit: kthread