First there were spray valves. They rinsed off dishes.

Then came energy-efficient, low-flow spray valves. They rinsed off dishes and saved water.

And now there’s an ultrasonic, cold-water, high-efficiency, low-chemical spray valve. It rinses off dishes, saves water, saves heating costs, and helps reduce chemical run-off—all while using as much power as a light bulb.

Scientists from the University of Southampton in England have developed an ultrasonic spray nozzle that drastically improves the ability of plain, cold water to clean—reducing the energy and water needed by a factor of ten.

Using a combination of ultrasonic waves and bubbles, the nozzle is able to clean using cold water and minimal chemicals—meaning that, on the low setting, the nozzle is perfect for cleaning delicate (and edible!) items like salad and other foodstuff.

Although the nozzle isn’t available for commercial use yet, it won’t be long.

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Image credit: UggBoyUggGirl