Green car company Toyota is driving down a new road of sustainability as they prove their commitment of working in harmony with the environment.

Partnering with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Toyota is paving a road rich with ecological and environmental sustainability — taking the lead in the UK motor industry.

The plan? This partnership is transforming their production sites and national headquarters into sustainable habitats for plants and wildlife, according to Click Green.

While we reported earlier this year that Toyota is fueled up on sustainability — we continue to love the direction this company is taking.

Let’s talk about the sustainable habitats Toyota is working on

While Toyota has been recognized as one of the Best Global Green Brands in the US retail industry, they continue to impress the green scene with their sustainability efforts.

Most recently, they’re making headlines for their partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens in efforts to strengthen the ecological and environmental quality of their UK operations

“At Toyota Burnaston car manufacturing plant in Derbyshire, the aim is to create a green grid, demonstrating how a working industrial site can successfully support biodiversity through environmental land management and secure a green legacy for the future, without compromising the cost of efficiency of its core business,” reports Green Car Congress.

While the plant site prepares to secure the homes of many plants and wild life already in their meadows, wetlands, grasslands and more — Toyota is still on top of minimizing waste, their solar generating system and managing their natural resources.

As one of Toyota’s main principals, they’re certainly following through with working in harmony with nature.

“The activity reinforces TMUK’s status as one of Toyota’s five sustainable plants around the world which pioneer and share best practice in cleaner processes and greener technologies,” reports Click Green.

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