We’ve gotten great traction with our articles on mobile food trucks (thank you, thank you), and so were thrilled to see the trend further expanded in “Nine ingredients for a successful pop-up restaurant” from Restaurant Central.

Thinking of opening a pop-up restaurant? Well, according to Jordan Knox of the Elbow River Casino, some of the most important things to incorporate are:

  • A top-quality chef
  • A “funky, unique, and/or obscure” location
  • A culture of food appreciation in your target location, to guarantee you’ll have appreciative diners
  • A strong social media campaign

For Knox’s complete list of tips, take a look at the full article.

From an energy perspective, both mobile food trucks and pop-up restaurants can be cost-saving options—with no permanent infrastructure to deal with, energy costs can be significantly lower than opening a traditional bricks-and-mortar establishment.

Interested in the fast-growing mobile-food trend? Take a look at our recent blog post, “Mobile Food Trucks Get Rolling in Ontario.”

What’s your favourite mobile or pop-up food experience? Share your story in the comments section.

Image credit: Poseidon Bild & Text