It comes as no surprise that, according to the latest consumer trends report, food goers continue to demonstrate a love for all things local. And slowly, slowly, restaurants around Ontario are making the switch in order to appease the taste buds and ethical fancies of an increasingly engaged (and demanding) customer base.

The reality of the situation however is that restaurant owners who make the move towards serving local produce, meats and other food ingredients are immediately faced with the challenges of working with local food suppliers and finding out ways to serve local food all year round. Moreover, in order to offset the costs of sourcing local product, many restaurants need to increase menu prices; a risky move in an industry that thrives on the loyalty of return customers.

In an effort to understand the latest trends and challenges presented by the local food movement, we want to share with you a recent article we discovered on, a website launched by our friends at the CRFA. The article, entitled “Keeping up with the local food movement” is written by Geoff Wilson of fsSTRATEGY Inc., a business consultant to the foodservice industry and takes a close look at consumer behaviour and analyzes the challenges of, as well as future opportunities for, using local produce in foodservice.

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image credit: WabbyTwaxx