Africa’s greenest hotel just got greener. Cape Town’s Hotel Verde partnered with impactChoice and is now offering guests a carbon neutral stay — reaching a new sustainability milestone for their business.

Last year, we talked about Hotel Verde’s energy and water efficiency and the fact they were aiming to leave the lowest carbon footprint in a success story.  Well, they took this goal seriously and are now in their 4 star glory as they offer an even greener stay with a carbon neutral offering.

How does the Hotel Verde offer carbon neutral experience?

Partnering with impactChoice, an environmental sustainability solutions company, Hotel Verde can now offset their carbon emissions via responsible carbon capturing/reduction projects, according to ioL Travel.

Because Hotel Verde has sustainability strategies linked to the core of their operations — already maximizing energy and water efficiency, this carbon neutral program they’re offering guests make it easier to complete. They’ve already worked so hard to keep their environmental impact down and their business green, that when it comes to offsetting the carbon emissions (or greenhouse gases emitted) — it’s simpler than it would be for other businesses.

“impactChoices’ technology provides a unique solution, that will enable Hotel Verde to apportion these emissions to a product or service offered to guests, and mitigate these through the purchase of certified Carbon Credit,” reports ioL Travel, “All guests will receive an individual carbon reduction certificate relative to the duration of their stay and the emissions footprint associated with their room.”

Green team sustainable Hotel Verde and impactChoices with their unique carbon mitigation solutions are setting a great green standard in the accommodations scene!

Here’s a sweet video Hotel Verde put out by BON Hotels Corporate

The Hotel Verde talks sustainability.

BizEnergy appreciates Hotel Verde’s sustainability and energy efficiency efforts as well as their contribution when it comes to battling climate change!

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Image credit: YouTube