Whether you’re farmer looking for sustainable fertilizer or animal feed, or a retailer or industrial business seeking to “green” your method of transport, here’s a novel idea you won’t want to miss. In this Ted talk, Jonathan Trent, a member of NASA’s discusses his vision to create biofuels from algae. Trent’s Offshore Membrane Enclosure for Growing Algae (OMEGA) aims to re-use wastewater found near coastal cities that is, at present, being dumped into the seas. The algae use energy from the sun, carbon dioxide, and wastewater to produce biomass that can be converted into fuel, fertilizer and animal food.

According to the OMEGA website, these algae are among the fastest growing plants on Earth.They also clean the wastewater by removing nutrients that would otherwise contribute to marine deadzone formation – areas underwater where oxygen needed to support marine life is depleted due to nutrient pollution from human activities.

Read more about Trent on his TED bio or download an OMEGA Fact Sheet and let us know what you think! A possibility for a sustainable future, or just another good idea?

image credit: jacilluch